Thursday, February 28, 2008

fight guy

I have no knowledge on how muscles look >___>
don´t judge me .___.

brown sketches

a couple of sketches that I did in one go.
I messed up the arms on the guy to the left >__<

Sunday, February 24, 2008

a random doodle of some guy battling a big beast/machine ~~

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Giroro from Keroro Gunso :]

I was just going to do a simple avatar for Naruto forum, and then it got out of hand. xD

I´m pretty happy with it except his head should be a bit more circular :shrug:
but in the manga their heads aren´t perfect ball shapes actually :XD:

Giroro belongs to the dude/dudette who made Keroro Gunso :heart:

comments are welcome

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Used a photo from the recording of one of our albums as reference ~~
Proportions are a bit awkward here due the massive fail on the perspective xD
But I still like it :]

guess the eyes are a bit off on this one, but I still think it´s pretty funky <3

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Things like the comic Blame!, the Pc-game Fallout and other similiar things have always appealed to me with their gritty post-apocalypse feel, look and atmosphere. I still remember the short stories I read from the warhammer magazines (white dwarf?) about the Underworld setting one of their tabletop games took place. where gangs of scavengers fought against each other for survival. I liked that. I have alot of drawings depicting guys with guns and gasmasks, set in broken down envoirements. This is one of them that I did in Corel painter. A team of cloak wearing guys are making their way through some sort of corridor/street.
I was going to make a short comic about it, but I already have too many projects going on at once. Maybe another time.


some doodles and drawings made in Open Canvas. Gotta love the marker pencil <3

click on them to enlarge to fullsize, comments are welcome


A drawing and a couple of links to other pages where I´m at: (<- a swedish site)

this drawing depicts a small fast food shack in Hong Kong. It was based on a photograpg taken by me e-buddy Janet, who lives there. In the original photo there was a girl sitting there, eating.
And there wasn´t anyone standing in the shop (visibly). This drawing is supposed to be before or after, or even on another day at the same place. the little chair she sat on is still there.
I was supposed to edit the sign saying fast food and put in the chinese letters for it instead. but hey I´m a lazy bastard, right?


Hello and welcome to my art-Blog. My name's Michael and I'm from sweden.
Here on this page I will add pictures of variable quality, and talk about various topics.
I might also add some music (if that´s possible).

uhm, got nothing more to say at the momemt

Centuryslayer out.