Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shodo: the samurai in red

finally he´s finished :0
been working on this for a long time. still some stuff to finish >__>

Thursday, July 24, 2008

shool project: character illustrations part 2

Elif Fannar

Age: 46
Occupation: Miner. Reassigned to the excavation after an accident.
Race: Synthetic [80%]

He was formerly a Human, but suffered an accident at the factory he used to work at and had to be altered to save. He would probably not have been saved if not for the fact that his grandfather was a powerful and important politician. He was later employed as a Miner just before the excavation started. His brain is connected to a net terminal computer located on his back. This let´s him connect to The Complex Net Terminal. Where he can receive daily updates on his work progress amongst other things, including reading the news, sending messages etc (not on working hours though). He is of a tall build, common for industrial working Synthetics. With his powerful arms he can lift and carry heavy mining equipment that would otherwise require either a vehicle or a small team to transport and operate. This lets him use the custom made mining laser with ease.
Since he is not a complete Synthetic he doesn't suffer as much discrimination as the 'pure' Synthetics.

Elif swears. A lot. And he has mood swings that are most likely the result of the trauma from the accident on top of that he is also a very cynical person, known for speaking his mind.
On the other hand, he does perform his job very well. And firing him would upset his grandfather so he is safe. Though sending him out to the dig site was probably a way for his employee to get him out of the way for awhile.

List of implants:
Retina screen – shows data to the person, on the retina, making it easier to send and receive information.
Synthetic muscle and organ replacement - Enhances performance significantly.
Terminal net connection. He can connect to the Core Terminal Net. Information from there is shown on his retina.

shool project: character illustrations part 1

Joseph Becelle

Age: 32

Occupation: Soldier. Currently enlisted in the Special Recon And Assault program.

Race: Human [No records of any extra implants besides civilian and military status implants]


Born on Mars, he moved with his uncle at an early age to The Complex [located in the beta gamma cluster 005]. What happened to his parents is unknown. Most likely they where lost in the riots of the Synthetic Uprising. As a young boy he worked at a coffee shop before enlisting to the army. He enlisted to the special task forces of C-core. After years of service protecting important politicians and upholding law and order at the Complex, his squad was picked to defend the digsite from any potential threat (terrorist attacks or strikes most likely). This was a standard procedure ordered by C-cores AI, Akakios.


He´s a quiet man and mostly keeps to himself when he´s not on duty.

He is known to put on a small headband before he puts on his combat armor, it is rumored he does this to be able to focus on the task at hand better, or to 'get in the zone'.

His somewhat sarcastic attitude got him into a lot of trouble when he first joined the army.

Joseph is an excellent team worker and is suitable for the position of team leader. His ability to quickly assess a situation and react accordingly will win him many battles. He also has a very good grasp on military tactics in urban environments.

He is trained with the use of assault rifles, sniper rifles and close quarters fighting. Including melee combat.

List of implants:

reflex modulator – improves speed and efficiency of reflexes.

Retina screen – shows data to the person, on the retina, making it easier to send and receive information.

various lung, muscle and stamina improvements are also in place.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sniper Town

Soul Eater on Chikusho asked me to draw a sniper ^^
so here it is!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Chili speedpaint

Ninja Love! <3

this is the ninja called Chili, sheathing his sword (for once)


worked on this during 3 days. I´m not really happy with it either.
especially not the big mountain in the center. >__<

oh well.

Friday, July 4, 2008

armor concept

armor.torso.finished. GET!

Speedpaint. Smoke deployment

C-core troops deploying undera a smoke screen.
I´m pretty happy with this one actually :]

new combat armor design. back probably finished (?)

I think the back is done now. I wanted a slim and simple design with some sort of wierd "power plant" thing on the back. did some helmet designs while I was at it too xD

Thursday, July 3, 2008

sci-fi combat armor sketch 1

doing some sci-fi armors for school. but it´s too warm to get a good workflow today. So I will try to get at it again later.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Stones by night speedpainting

I failed to put something interesting in the scenery .__.
drawing a lot of forests and stuff lately. I listen to Midlake too much I think xD
gotta do some props for the Concept Art class this week. I´m almost done with the design for one of them but the other needs more work >__>