Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Okay, so I'm back to mah blog. I got in to Concept art 2 summer class. and I'll be posting my sketches,drawings etc here as I go!

for now, here's a bit of a comic sketch of the main character!


Josip K. said...

I like this one, makes me want to pick up smoking so I can be a tragic anti-hero in my story. ;)

Centuryslayer said...

yeah, I just loved this guy xD
too bad he was cut from the story I did for school :(

I'm thinking of using him later on if I can squeeze him in to somthing :3

Josip K. said...

If you do, do a story with him I would suggest you make him a Mad Men-esque chronic smoker and drinker.

Centuryslayer said...

cynical cronic smoker and indulger of large amounts of whiskey <3