Monday, September 7, 2009

Johnny, playable character

Johnny from CB in game hero format :0

big version due for tomorrow, keep yer pants on >:]


Josip K. said...

Looks very elfish aka evil. =O

Centuryslayer said...

wow, didn't see that until you said it :0

Elves are evil and must die! :<

btw, the Dalish Elves in Dragon Age sounds kinda cool. loving the lore of that game so far. :D

Josip K. said...

I've stopped following Dragon Age because I don't want to get spoiled, same with ME2. But yeah, they have a cool world from what I've seen so far.

Centuryslayer said...

I stopped following Me2,but most dragon age previews about races and stuff are more informative about the world, which is an awesome buildup of hype imo. :}