Saturday, October 3, 2009

Todays doodles

october 3rd. I'm sick :(
here's some crap, enjoy it!


Josip K. said...

Cool sketches! Love the joker guy!

Centuryslayer said...

thanks man! yeah, the Joker is really interesting to draw. I'll probably end up doing more sketches of him <3

btw, I might preorder Op flashpoint:DR from Game. since I can just trade in a few shitty games (like frontlines)and I'm fookin itching for a new fps and OP looks gritty as hell. plus the mp seems interesting and coop is never wrong. tho it doesn't have splitscreen which is a bummer.

Josip K. said...

Joker is like the best villain ever so I'm looking forward to seeing him more. ;)

Awesome! It does look really good and I hear it's been rated AAA on a few places already so seems like a pretty safe pre-order.

Centuryslayer said...

amen to that my mang!

yes, they few reviews that are out have praised it pretty much, even the PC ones despite saying it's a bit console-esque (the things they noted where more like good stuff Imo, like checkpoint savesystem etc).
I didn't know until a few days ago that there's actually dismemberment and stuff in the game as well :0
too bad the console version don't come with the mission editor (like far cry 2 did on consoles).