Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Doodle in the Dead town

So, back to Ronneby. plz press reset.
doodled this yesterday and now that I got back online on my comp I thought I might as well share. ^__^
the dude in the 'thought bubble' is a greek warrior, after watching 300, Troy (3 hours of mediocricy compared to 300) and playing lots and lots of EU:Rome (with the Vae Victis add on) I wanted to doodle some greek bastards :<


Josip Kostic said...

The guy looks like you fantasizing about strong big Greek men. Why am I not surprised? Homo.

Otherwise nice colouring, like the softness.

MajQ said...

who doesn't? ;D

thanks mate, i'm pretty happy about the colouring myself =D